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New Pizza Hut Open At Shakti Nagar Nangia Park Delhi 2022

                              New Pizza Hut  Hola,            Pizza Hut's new fun flavor pizza is also now available at Shakti Nagar. Pizza Hut new outlet  is open  on 20th September 2022 at Nangia Park Shakti Nagar circle. This Pizza Hut's new store is also available for Dining, Birthday Party, takeaway & Delivery. Pizza Hut new dining store is very beautiful. Its Walls, Its Restroom, its roof, everything so beautiful. The interior design is so beautiful. Often on festivals or any major occasion Pizza Hut can get loose in service, so you do not have to be disappointed in it. Pizza Hut Service will give a discount of either ₹ 300 on your entire order or it gives you a complementary . You cannot get this discount on any festival or any famous festival day, because there is a lot of rush on that day.  But you can complain and get your own food replacement.  Pizza Hut new Fun Flavor Pizza Magic corn  Magic Onion Capsicum Magic Paneer Capsicum Onion Magic Schezwan Capsicum Corn

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