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Direction in Spanish

 Direction in Spanish Hola,  Wherever we get to any place, then a lot of question arises in our mind that how will this place be and we have to go through different types of questions and ask the guide or any other person. Like where is the way out, how is the Taj Mahal, where is Barcelona?   How do we ask questions when we are lost in some place?  How to thank someone for help? Many questions would come here.  N orth = Norte  South = Sur  East = Es- te  West = O -es-te Northwest = No- re - este  Southeast = Suro-es-te  Northeast = Nor -o- es-te   Southwest = Sud-es-te Dónde está = Where is  Y luego = And later  Disculpar = To excuse  Saber = To know  Cercana = Close / Near  Por qui = Nearby / around  Recomendar = To Recommend  Una pregunta = A question Una pregunta más = One more question  Salida = Exit   

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